“Come as you are and leave nourished, inspired and with a renewed curiosity for life”

- D. McFarlane

What Makes Milagro Shine So Bright?

INTEGRITY  We love what we do for all the right reasons. Milagro Living was created with the vision of inspiring personal growth and unity with nature in 2002. This is still the fuel that feeds our fire.

EDUCATION Our accessible teachings will inspire you to create nourishing meals at home, explore new forms of movement and experience a new level of freedom in your life and relations.

COMMUNITY Enjoy a relaxed unbiased atmosphere where age is irrelevant and lasting friendships are cultivated.

FOOD Locally Sourced, Seasonally Inspired Feasts. Gourmet Vegan, Gluten Free. Living Food, Whole Food Nourishment

GIVING BACK We donate 5% of proceeds to various Non Profit Organizations.

STAFF We collaborate with skilled compassionate Milagro Allies to ensure that you are supported on your journey.

LONGEVITY We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting relationships. The Milagro Living Collective will continually inspire your personal growth. Join us!

Our Roots

Founded in 2002 Milagro Living creates sacred space where you can share, learn and explore your true essence in a nurturing and supportive environment.

We believe in nourishing your body with love infused cuisine, daily movement and connecting with nature.

Continually inspired by the transformations we witness, Milagro Living Collective is dedicated to supporting your EVOLUTION!

A personal NOTE from our Founder

Our Mission

Milagro Living is devoted to creating sacred space that honours your evolution.

Our Vision

We exist to inspire personal growth and unity with Nature by offering an abundance of tools and resources to encourage your thriving lifestyle.

Our Commitment

We are commited to connecting you with the Earth, a unified global community, and your true essence.

"Everyone deserves to be nourished this way - amazing food, yoga practice and people to provide an opportunity to get closer to your authentic self!"

- S. Dick