Working with Milagro has been amazing; to work in an environment that truly nourishes your whole self ~ body, mind & soul. It has been an incredible awakening.

- Melody Walford, Bodyworker

Sonia Reece, CEO~ Creative Director & Mama Bear of Milagro Living

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Essential Integration

Let’s face it, integration post retreat is a true THING!  You are likely to feel blissed out on yoga, meditation, delicious food, dis-connected from your day to day grind, and unplugged from your electronics.  You are feeling calm,...

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Sonia Reece

Who Are You?

A Soul Coach dedicated to supporting others in their awakening process by reminding them of their true innate wisdom. A Community Builder. An Intuitive Mama. A weaver of Energy Medicine to facilitate in healing.

Where Do You Call hOMe?

Encinitas California is home & as a World Citizen hOMe is Where the Heart feels Free

How Do You Nourish Others?

I nourish others through my open heart, presence, soulful reflection, food, energy work, being of service, and reminding others who they truly are deep inside.

How Do You Nourish Yourself?

I nourish through self love & care. As a mother, this is essential! I nourish through the ocean, dancing, connecting in meaningful ways, solo time, adventuring with my son, journaling, nature, and following the YES in my heart as the guiding light.

What Can Others Depend On You For?

Others can depend on me for support, authentic relating, deep presence, healing, spontaneity, joy, laughter, hugs, and grounded love.

What Do You Love About Yourself?

I love that I am guided by my adventurous heart. I love my ability to laugh and not take life so seriously. I love my courage led by curiosity. I especially love & appreciate my adaptability shaped by life's challenges, transformed into life wisdom.