Why are we closing our doors?

Immersed in my final Milagro Retreat at the Helm, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunities I have enjoyed. Nurturing this seed since 2002, Milagro has encouraged me to travel the world, meet thousands of amazing souls and share inspirations towards living a healthy and balanced life.

To the over 1000 guests over the past 16 years, THANK YOU from the bottom of my soul for trusting Milagro to honour your evolution. It has been a Dream come True!

When I was 25, learning to Surf, explore Yoga and create abundant feasts, I wanted to share these life changing ways with others. That was the seed that started as Milagro Retreats, offering Women’s Yoga and Surf Retreats in Tofino and Baja, Mexico. This grew into Milagro Living to include Catering, A Community Platform and Conscious Marketplace where we offer deep nourishment on many levels.

With the intention to simplify and spend more time in the creative process with my other business hOMe Grown Living Foods, I have made a tough decision to close the doors on Milagro after 16 years.

I bow in reverence to this experience and look so forward to Nourishing our Community through hOMe Grown Living Foods, where you can still find me sprinkling CATERING magic in the kitchen, sharing recipes for healthy living and inspiring people to their full potential!

With Gratitude,

Shani Cranston

Momma Bear @ Milagro

Pioneer @ hOMe Grown

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